BRYER MEEKINS DAVISBryer Davis, a 6th generation Annapolitan, also started in the event industry at a young age. The age of five, in fact! She oversaw the grape peeling operation of younger sister Kaitlin while assisting with other operational logistics. A college internship with the Charleston Wine + Food Festival solidified Bryer’s love for large-scale events and the challenge of the logistics surrounding them. After a seven-year stint on Capitol Hill managing the day-to-day schedule of Senator Dianne Feinstein, which refined Bryer’s professional skills and work ethic, Bryer is excited to be a part of the dynamic team of women that is The Davis Group.

Bryer’s primary involvement with The Davis Group is producing annual Diner en Blanc events along the East Coast. After being lucky enough to secure tickets to the first ever Diner en Blanc held in the United States in New York City, Bryer was hooked! This incredibly unique event – which brings together people of all cultures and interest to share in an extraordinary experience with one another – is truly a privilege added to her resume.

Bryer lives on a farmette in Annapolis – land where generations of her ancestors gardened, harvested chestnuts, kept chickens, and bootlegged moonshine since the mid 1800’s. She’s proud to continue that legacy and to be a part of the local business community, contributing to the vibrancy of Annapolis.